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The CSESA Network High School Affiliate Program makes it easy for students to produce live video broadcasts by providing the software, tools and training they need. With our proprietary technology, schools can produce and distribute high quality events throughout the year including regular season sports, graduation, band, cheer events, as well as other school activities. Broadcasting these events on the CSESA Network High School Program is a great way for a school to showcase its students and activities while strengthening the connection with parents, players, boosters and the community. The platform allows both live streaming and archiving for on-demand viewing. Your fans will be able to watch your events whenever they want, wherever they are. Becoming part of the CSESA Network High School Program is easy and you can get started with as little as a camera, a laptop, and an Internet connection.


The CSESA Network High School Program provides a platform for students to learn about production and broadcast journalism. The program gives students an unprecedented opportunity to gain hands-on video production and on-camera experience. Participation in the program helps prepare students for college and professional careers in the journalism industry. Students will also get hands on experience with the Coachella Valley's Professional Developmental Football Team, The SoCal Coyotes.


The CSESA Network High School Program provides schools with a platform to showcase excellence and to enhance their connection with the community. Participating schools have a dedicated school-branded channel that makes reaching alumni, friends, and family outside the local area easy. Broadcasting school events is a unique way to increase school spirit throughout the community. Student-Athletes also gain much needed national exposure when competing for athletic scholarships.


Live broadcasts of sporting events on the CSESA Network High School Program opens up a new advertising revenue stream for schools and their programs. This  model enables schools to participate in the High School Program for free and provides an opportunity for the school to raise money. Schools receive 50% or more of the proceeds from school produced live events.


If your school is interested in joining the CSESA Network High School Program, please send us an email to We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how to implement the program at your school.

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