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CSE is the master developer, operator and manager of The Shield at 1 Coyote Way. With an emphasis on faith and family values, The Shield at 1 Coyote Way will be a unique place of gathering that unites every man, woman and child, young and old alike, in the Coachella Valley corridor. Covering 588 acres of prime real estate, the Shield will be a centrifuge of hope, enriching life in the Coachella Valley with every dollar generated.

The Shield will soon be host to the greatest sports and entertainment, live events and branded entertainment experiences - as well as the Coachella Valley's largest independent producers and distributors of sports media. 

The Shield will also be home to the Coachella Valley's largest independent medical facility; a unique senior living facility unlike any other in the state of California; an outdoor fresh vegetable market and the finest family entertainment. 

The Shield will take its place as one of the largest free-standing developments of positive alternative youth programming and leadership development in the nation. 

The Shield - Where the Coachella Valley works, lives and plays. Defend the Shield!

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