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As the home to professional sports franchises and host to high-profile events of amateur, pro, national and international distinction, CSE embraces its responsibility as a catalyst of human potential.


This means improving local economic, social and environmental conditions, and igniting opportunities for every child raised in our Coachella Valley corridor.  

From inception, CSE - through its own SoCal Coyotes Non-Profit Leadership Organization - is committed to utilizing all of its resources to improve and enrich the lives of Coachella Valley children and families. 


CSE and the SoCal Coyotes create and support dynamic, life-changing leadership programs and services that focus on education; community and economic development and safety; health and social services. 


Our programs place special emphasis on at-risk, low-income and less-fortunate youth. For six years, our non-profit has generated annual donations and in-kind support that impacts upwards of 30,000 youth each year. 


We work diligently with local charities and community-based organizations to raise funds, develop resources, and increase awareness for the leadership and development needs of area youth. 


Our philanthropic reach has impacted dozens of area schools, organizations and initiatives. The Coyotes - and soon, The Shield - create unique fundraising opportunities and experiences for our charity partners and community members. 

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